How to install and use Winapp2.ini

Click on a step to see a picture.

Step 1:

Click on the link to Winapp2.ini on the Downloads page, then click save as. Alternatively, right click the link and Save Link As.

Step 2:

Save the file as "Winapp2.ini" with the quotation marks. If possible, save it to your CCleaner folder (C:\Program Files\CCleaner usually) otherwise, move it to your CCleaner folder after saving.

Step 3:

Open CCleaner and check out the new options in the Applications Tab. Remember, some entries can be volatile, so be sure to take caution when selecting the new entries!

Step 4:

Optionally and additionally, you can opt to trim the file for your computer. This leads to faster load times while not compromising any of the power of the file. To do this, start by downloading Trim.bat from the Downloads page.

Step 5:

Place Trim.bat in your CCleaner directory (The same place as Winapp2.ini) and run it.

Step 6:

Follow the prompts that appear in the command line and enjoy your trimmed file!