About Winapp2.ini

Robert Ward

Robert Ward is a 23 year old student studying Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, who spends his free time managing Winapp2.ini, watching films, and playing games online. Robert picked up the Winapp2.ini project in August of 2010, after the project had been dormant for some time. The initial release was a file tailored to work between all current versions of Windows at the time, both 32 and 64 bit. In March of 2012, Robert purchased this domain so as to facilitate better distribution of the files.

Shane Gowland

Shane Gowland is an Australian university student studying Information Technology. He builds software, runs websites and generally strives to make the web a better place. There is nothing more exhilarating than finding ways to make a system safer, faster or smarter. Building things to achieve this is his foremost passion. He owns SingularLabs, and is the creator of CCEnhancer, a popular utility that many use to download the most recent Winapp2.ini.


Winapp2.ini is a file compatible with CCleaner, System Ninja, BleachBit (for Windows), and Avira System Speedup. Tailored for CCleaner, however, as it was initially added to the program by Piriform to allow users to make their own custom entries, it has turned into a self-proclaimed developmental hub for crowd-testing entries for CCleaner. Enhancing CCleaner's cleaning capabilities, Winapp2.ini has been wildly popular, especially as it has been distributed through mediums such as Shane's CCEnhancer. Many entries from Winapp2.ini have been included in the official builds of CCleaner over time.